Time to go
net zero

Pulse takes the guess work out of going net zero with renewable infrastructure. The POWERDOME is a plug-and-play equipment package that does not require extensive site preparation, specialized or professional hires such as engineers or electricians, or time-consuming permitting. As an all-in-one system, each POWERDOME creates an ecosystem of renewably powered solutions that require no ancillary fuel or energy support. POWERDOMES are warrantied for resilient use and come with real-time production and consumption reporting.


Power Through

Every PULSE POWERDOME package offers turnkey Interactive Sustainability and provides an array of solutions, supported by at least 22kWp of solar PV and up 100kWh of LiFePO4 battery storage.

There are three ways to get a POWERDOME.* Click on any of the options below to learn more:

Starting at $999.00 per month

Starting at $125,000

Starting at $699.00 per month, plus the cost of your POWERDOME

*Subject to Subscription financing approval and final POWERDOME configuration.


You decide

Once you have chosen your ideal POWERDOME configuration, Pulse will work with you on all aspects of your project, including site-specific installation considerations, local permitting, and the relevant renewable energy tax incentives and/or grants.

POWERDOMES are typically installed and operating within 6 weeks. Get in touch with us to learn more to begin your journey to net zero with the POWERDOME.

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