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Engineered For Anything

Shaped For Power
All-in-one Package
Total Flexibility
Cutting-edge Energy Storage
Built for the future

Shaped for Power

More Power Density Than Any Other Solar PV System

The PowerDome's patent-pending design is optimized for solar insolation which, in contrast to conventional solar PV setups, results in a quantifiable kWh output increase regardless of location.

A Compact and Usable Footprint

Each PowerDome has an installed footprint of 1,360 ft2 (126 m2), with up to 12 ft (3.6 m) of vertical clearance beneath its solar canopy. The entire underdome area of each system is engineered for safety and usage, maximizing the PowerDome’s ability to create net-zero outcomes.

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All-in-One Package

Unique Mobility

PowerDomes are engineered for weight reduction and containerization. An entire 22kWp PowerDome can fit in a single 20 ft (6 m) ISO container and weighs less than 14,000 lbs, allowing for easy transport by land, air or sea.

Easy Scalability

Each PowerDome is a modular off-grid unit, thus adding additional PowerDomes to existing installations requires minimal planning and no specialized electrical work.

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Total Flexibility

An Engineered Solution

The PowerDome’s integrated electrical system provides full net-zero off-grid capabilities in a predictable package. PowerDomes provide an array of self-sustaining solutions beneath and immediately surrounding the system’s solar canopy.

Numerous Configurations

PowerDomes utilize 20 ft (6 m) modified ISO containers to support its net-zero applications. Containers can be oriented in different configurations, allowing up to three containers to fit beneath the solar canopy. This provides up to 480 ft2 (44.5 m2) of usable climate controlled interior space per system.

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Cutting-Edge Energy Storage

A Future-Proofed Approach

PowerDomes incorporate advanced LiFePO4 battery technology that are sized to meet each system’s usage demands. All PowerDomes deploy Pulse’s proprietary battery swap architecture, allowing for individual systems to quickly increase or decrease overall kWh storage limits.

Holistic Operating Design

Each PowerDome’s energy storage unit is integrated into the system’s overall design, allowing for seamless and turnkey operation. All PowerDomes operate advanced battery and plug load management software and have a robust suite of real-time reporting features.

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Built for the Future


PowerDomes are outfitted with Tier-1 bifacial solar modules and the most advanced AC-coupled microinverters available. Together, these components maximize efficiency and reliability, while providing a safe and visually striking underdome experience.

Built for Resilience

The PowerDome’s arched frame is anti-corrosive, can withstand Category 4 winds, and allows for the use of traditional cement footings or micro-piles. Each ISO container beneath the solar canopy is modified to withstand even the harshest environments.

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